Sunday, January 3, 2016

Part V: Achieving Higher Consciousness (Romantic)

"Moving into your own heart space involves becoming more confident of your emotional self. First, learn to separate your own voice and desires from those of others. We each must be able to stand firm in our beliefs without being affected by outside opinions and influences. When we aren’t affected by others, we wont feel compelled to control them. This is why so many guru’s and teachers focus first on basic self development. Its to help people learn which inner voice belongs to their ego, and which one belongs to their true Higher Self. That way we can act with confidence, love and faith in ourselves. Secondly, we MUST have a dream. A purpose or goal that fills us up inside. This is the north star that we can work towards with love. Its the jewel that keeps us moving forward when things are dark."
Soul Guidance:
The chakras in the human body are related to specific energies and consciousness, to endocrine glands, colors, and psychic features. It is not always obvious to look for a linear connection between these systems, because the whole is more than the sun of the parts. If we tear out one part in order to analyze it, we might forget what its function is in relation to the whole. We can dissect a human body based upon the different biological systems, or upon the different organs, or upon the different cells, but this would not explain a living being. Be aware that every explanation of the chakras is an approximation of what they really are.

What is Above, is Below
In the cosmos, everything is present in everything. Macrocosmos and microcosmos have the same nature. The laws of the microcosmos are also present in the macrocosmos. At the source of all manifestations is unity, a cosmic consciousness not understandable for humans. This unity creates all manifestations, from the subtle to the most dense matter. The most crystallized state of existence is the physical world we are living in. The crystallization process of consciousness went through seven stages, hence the existence of seven worlds, seven bodies, seven levels of consciousness. Each of these spheres of existence has a power center, a concentrated field of energy, that acts as a transformer to a higher or lower world. Each center is also directly connected with the ultimate source. This pattern is found in all fields of existence.

Therefore the seven major chakras reflect on different levels of existence, consciousness, worlds, colors, endocrine glands in the body, and so on. They are like gates to the entire cosmos.

The Seven Major Chakras
The seven major chakras are situated in the susumna channel, which is the main nadi in the very center of the spine. Nadis are ethereal, or subtle energy, channels for vital energy in the body. Every major chakra has a link to the seven endocrine glands of the physical body. Endocrine glands are glands that secrete their hormones directly into the blood stream. The names of the seven major chakras are:

muladhara: the root chakra (the adrenal medulla, above the kidneys)

svadisthana: the sex chakra (the sexual organs)

manipura: the navel chakra (the pancreas)

anahata: the heart chakra (and the thymus)

vishuddha: the throat chakra (the thyroid gland)

ajna: the brow chakra (the hypothalamus)

sahasrara: the crown chakra (the pituitary gland)

Hormone secretion and function can be raised by breathing fully, by which more vital energy, or prana, is taken into the blood stream. The endocrine glands then have the opportunity to release hormones into the blood stream. Better breathing, a better blood circulation and an optimum function of the hormones will strengthen and develop the entire body to its maximum. Some glands have functions that oppose each other, thereby creating a sophisticated balance. Endocrine glands are also transformers of cosmic powers into the vital energy necessary for the physical body.

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