Saturday, March 19, 2016

Part VIII: Master Your Inner Voice and Choose Freedom

"We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit."
Sustainable Brands:
In the summer of 2012, after two decades of research to find the missing link between human nature and Mother Nature, the “Voice Code” emerged. This disruptive equation reconciles more than a century of social research and shows the scientific basis for the seemingly supernatural powers of game changers such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey and countless lesser-known outliers of human thriving.

The name of the game is freedom. Visionary minds escape the orbit of ordinary by standing for inner freedom above all else. Doing this, they prioritize the guidance of their inner Voice above the voice of conventional beliefs handed down by others. In so doing, they ultimately balance and integrate six key inner game skills (previewed below). These skills combine to form a closed-loop inner game cycle called the “CREATE Cycle” that helps us achieve radical alignment with our inner Voice at all times and across all situations.

The natural process through which we master the CREATE cycle unfolds in 12 developmental stages that span from the earliest (Stage 1. Womb) to the highest (Stage 12. Master) levels of human consciousness. Just three principles govern this entire developmental process: AuthorityResonance and Trust. The "magical powers" of iconic visionaries grow from the inside out as they master the inner game to restore proper alignment with these key principles:
  • Authority: The principle of original cause. Ordinary minds frame authority as something that lives "out there" in the world around them. Visionary minds properly align with this principle by choosing to frame themselves as the sole authors of their personal reality. 
  • Resonance: The principle of natural attraction. Ordinary minds let conventional beliefs drive their personal goals and life aspirations. Visionary minds properly align with this principle by letting their heart's timeless knowing guide their strategic vision. 
  • Trust: The principle of instinctual action. Ordinary minds take action to minimize risk and maximize personal gain. Visionary minds properly align with this principle by trusting their gut and taking inspired action to bring their vision into reality in a spirit of shared self-interest.
As we master the 6 verbs of the CREATE cycle we leverage these 3 principles to become a Voice-powered force of nature in a world of conventional thinkers. Here's the great news: Using a new suite of battle-tested Voice Code tools, you can now quickly tap these same mighty forces to unleash your own unique genius in today's inside out world.

As we master the inner game we begin to thrive along the path of least resistance doing what we love. The seed of our Voice sponsored vision naturally grows and extends outward to awaken others to their own untapped potential. In time, momentum builds as a “thrive and help thrive” ethic infuses our lives to help us usher in bold new realities through the power of shared Voice resonance.

Let's face it: No one is special. World changing visionaries are just regular human beings like you and me. The "lucky special few" in life are merely those who choose freedom over the frame locked mindset that most people call reality. To join these happy Warriors, choose your Voice now. Commit to mastering the inner game and change your world from the inside out...The map is here. The path is clear. The only barrier is belief.

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